Will we ever return to life before the pandemic? German virologist Drosten assesses the situation

Will we ever live as we did before the coronavirus pandemic? And if so, when? Virologist Christian Drosten sees the Omikron variant as an opportunity to enter an endemic state. The prerequisite, however, is the resilience of the population. He also hopes for another “milestone” in the fight against coronavirus.

Will we return to life before the pandemic?

Virologist Christian Drosten sees “opportunity” in a milder strain of coronavirus like Omicron and offers hope for life as it was before the pandemic. When asked if “we will ever live as we did before the pandemic,” the scientist from Berlin’s Charité organization said in an interview with “Tagesspiegel am Sonntag”: “Yes, I am absolutely sure of that.

In some situations, you will have to wear masks for several more years, which is certainly annoying. But there will also be “several benefits”: the virus has made medicine very much move forward. “The mRNA technology is a huge breakthrough, also for cancer and other infectious diseases, just think of the flu,” he said.

“Everyone has to get sick with coronavirus, there is no alternative”

Drosten said that sooner or later everyone will have to get infected with Sars-Cov-2. “Yes, we have to go through it, there is no alternative,” – Drosten believes. “In the long run, we can’t maintain immune protection of the entire population with a booster vaccine every few months. It has to be done by the virus itself. “The virus has to spread, but with immunization already firmly anchored in the general population” – otherwise “too many people would die.” Getting slightly sick and the foundation that is vaccination is like a moving train that you jump on. At some point you just have to jump on it or you won’t get anywhere.”

Omicron as Opportunity

The good news is: right now, the aforementioned “train” is going slow because Omikron isn’t causing as many severe cases of illness. Asked if he sees Omikron as an opportunity to go endemic, Drosten said: “Right now it would be a good opportunity, assuming a highly resilient population. Especially since no one can rule out the possibility that the disease will pick up again.

Drosten said population resilience among adults is developing in the right direction: “The population is building immunity and maintaining it. Germany is now at a stage where it will soon be able to declare the pandemic over and move into the endemic phase.

“But because of the high percentage of elderly people in the population, we have to do this in Germany through vaccination. Otherwise too many people would die from contracting the disease,” Drosten told the newspaper. Germany “has already gone a good part of the way through vaccination,” but now “we need to finish this so we can reach the endemic phase within 2022 and declare the end of the pandemic.”

The next milestone in the fight against coronavirus is a “live vaccine”

Drosten consider a “live vaccine” with a weakened virus or a modern version of the virus as “the next milestone” in the fight against coronavirus. The vaccine would be applied to the nose to induce mucosal immunity. This would be much better protection against transmission of the virus and would be another milestone in the fight against COVID-19.”

But next winter, the virologist expects another surge in disease. “And we’re probably going to have to wear masks indoors again because the protection against transmission of the virus is going to drop a little bit and we’re going to have to protect that more vulnerable part of the population.”

Source: www.rtl.de

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