Up to 2,000 Putin agents are operating in Germany

Vladimir Putin (69) is at war with Ukraine – and the Kremlin tyrant’s targets include Germany. Putin has sent hundreds of agents to spy for Russia in Germany, among other places. As the daily BILD has learned, German security services now officially have about 200 Russian secret agents operating in Germany on their target.

Even up to 2,000 Putin supporters in Germany

However, the total number of Putin’s spies in Germany is probably much higher: experts estimate it at up to 2,000 people! It is possible, however, that there are many more. “We are seeing the extent of Russia’s aggressive intelligence activities across Europe,” – warned former British intelligence (MI6) chief John Sawer (66) recently. “We probably only know ten percent of what they are doing.”

One of the goals of the agents is to collect information on politicians, company heads, and critics of Russia, among others, and pass it on to Russia. According to SPD home affairs expert Sebastian Fiedler (48), another goal is to divide German citizens: Putin will let his spies “do everything in their power to drive a wedge into our society.”

Ruthless methods

Putin’s agents don’t shy away from brutal killings either, such as in Berlin in 2019. In late 2021. Berlin’s Court of Appeals accused the Kremlin of “state terrorism.”

German security authorities’ concerns about Russian sabotage are also growing. CSU General Stephan Mayer (48, former Interior Secretary) said for BILD: “I demand very strict control of Russian secret service employees by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.”

Police union leader Rainer Wendt (65) even warns against attacks on barracks and military bases: “Acts of sabotage against NATO bases in Germany must be prevented by us at all costs.”

“Night Wolves” also work for Putin

Putin is not only using spies for his purposes, but also a shady rock group. The group in question is called “Night Wolves.” It is an important tool for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin! The group has about 5000 members in Russia.

They want to gain power and expand their activities in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and Estonia. In 2014, the Night Wolves helped illegally seize the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. In 2015. 20 Night Wolves wanted to go to Berlin with a parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the surrender, but Poland refused to let them go. In Germany, however, the group plays a somewhat smaller role.

Putin’s special services are recruiting young men from the “Systema” fighting studios, especially in East Germany, who are ready to fight.

source: bild.de, insidegermany.co

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