Unvaccinated teachers in Baden-Württemberg will have to be tested daily for coronavirus

Unvaccinated teachers in Baden-Württemberg will have to be tested daily for coronavirus in the new school year. This also applies to all other unvaccinated school employees, Theresa Schopper (Green), Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Culture and Education, said Thursday in Stuttgart. As for schoolchildren, the tests are to be carried out three times a week. Vaccinated persons and recovered patients are exempted from the test. To avoid the need for remote or hybrid classes, the requirement to wear masks in schools will continue.

Changes regarding mandatory quarantine for students

The new school year in Baden-Württemberg begins next week, and the regulations mentioned above are designed to allow for permanent classroom instruction. In the case of a detected COVID-19 infection, the entire class will no longer be quarantined, but only the child who was infected. The remaining students in a class will be tested daily for coronavirus for five consecutive days. If one-fifth of the class is infected, then decisions on further action will be made after consultation with the relevant health authority.

“We are doing everything we can to avoid school closures,” the culture and education minister said. At the same time, Theresa Schopper stressed that if new variants of the coronavirus emerge, more stringent measures may again be necessary.

Source: www.spiegel.de

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