When do we change to summer tires in Germany?

Those who do not use all-season tires face the same dilemma every year: When do we change to summer tires in Germany?

When do we change to summer tires in Germany?

The change to summer tires is not regulated by law in Germany. The general rule in Germany is “von O bis O – von Ostern bis Oktober”, i.e. from Easter to October. Where does this come from?

While winter tires are better than summer tires in slippery and snowy conditions, summer tires generally offer greater safety on wet and dry pavement at temperatures above about seven degrees Celsius. Since snow can be expected at any time between October and Easter in our latitudes (Western Europe), it is generally considered safer to drive on winter tires during this period. More information about the regulations governing winter tires in Germany can be found here: Winter tires in Germany – The most important rules!

Changing to summer tires and what happens next?

After changing to summer tires, you should check your tire pressures at a petrol station (at some petrol stations in Germany you can do it for free, sometimes you need to pay 1 euro) or at home if you have the right equipment. Don’t forget to check your spare wheel as well. Information about how high your tire pressure should be can usually be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or on the inside of the door.

Tread depths for summer tires in Germany

The tread depth of summer tires in Germany should be at least four millimeters – under no circumstances should it fall below the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimeters. According to AvD (German Automobile Club – find out more!), a tread depth of 4 millimeters may lead to a significant decrease in wet grip. It is therefore recommended to replace summer tires with a minimum tread depth of three millimeters, and winter tires with a minimum remaining tread depth of four millimeters.

Tires older than eight years should no longer be used, AvD advises. In addition, tires should not be older than three years at the time of purchase. The date of manufacture (DOT number) can be read on the sidewall of the tire, indicating the calendar week and year.

Where to buy summer tires in Germany?

If you’re going to buy tires in Germany, it’s a good idea to look at offers on the internet. These are usually the best value for money and you can buy them without leaving your home! The tires will be delivered to your doorstep. Here are some internet stores that sell tires in Germany:

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