Ukraine buys 5100 anti-tank weapons in Germany for 25 million euros

The Ukrainian government has purchased 5100 anti-tank weapons of the RGW90 HH “Matador” type from the German armament company Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) from Burbach in North Rhine-Westphalia. The cost is 25 million euros, which Kiev put up by itself.

2650 weapons arrived in Ukraine already on Saturday afternoon, the remaining 2450 factory-new weapons will be delivered immediately after the completion of production in weekly tranches until the end of May.

“Matador” is a shoulder-fired, recoilless bazooka that can be used with two different warheads against armored and unarmored targets. It can penetrate up to 50 cm of armored steel, and thus (depending on the exact point of impact) also pierce the armor of any Russian tank.

However, unlike, for example, the American “Javalin” missile, it is more of a melee weapon. It can fire at a distance from 20 to 500 meters. This makes it perfectly suited to Ukrainian war tactics, which in recent weeks have increasingly relied on ambush attacks on Russian tanks and supply columns. Especially in wooded areas or in cities, the “Matador” can be used effectively against enemy tanks.

The export permit was issued on March 21

BILD reports that the Federal Office of Economy and Export Control (BAFA), under the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology, worked in shifts over the weekend to approve the export of the weapon, and authorized its export on Monday, March 21, after the application was received at its headquarters in Eschborn on Friday, March 18.

According to insiders, Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens) played a decisive role in this. After getting the green light from BAFA, within hours the Federal Security Council also gave its approval.

The otherwise critical Ukrainian ambassador Andriy Melnyk (46) was suitably pleased. In an interview with the BILD editorial board he said: “Vice Chancellor Habeck’s ministry and the BAFA have taken swift and unbureaucratic action. Hats off to them!”

Melnyk told BILD that his government is pleased “that the coalition government is finally increasing the pace of arms deliveries to strengthen our defense capabilities.” “Only when Putin realizes that militarily he has reached a dead end will Russia be forced to the negotiating table.”


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