Three people injured after Syrian refugee attack on ICE train!

On Saturday around 9 am, a knife attack occurred on the ICE train between Regensburg and Nuremberg. The attacker turned out to be a 27-year-old Syrian man who had been granted refugee status in Germany. Three people were seriously injured. The editors of the German Bild have learned that the victims were three men (26, 39, 60 years old).

Witnesses report on the incident

Renate Kammann (77) was standing in the aisle when she heard other passengers screaming: “They were shouting: ‘There’s a knifeman. Everybody to the back.’ They almost knocked me over.

Ludwig Faust (68) was also on the train and reports: “We heard shouting. People ran out of car 4. I wanted to find out what was happening, and suddenly I saw a man on the ground. Fortunately, the police were there very quickly.”

The knife-wielding attacker was arrested on the spot. According to Bild, the man is 27-year-old Syrian Abdalrahman A. He is said to have a mental disorder and called for help on the train. The man arrived in Germany in 2014 and has refugee status.

Police action in Passau

Meanwhile, a major police operation took place in Passau, a police spokesman told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. However, the spokesman did not confirm the connection of this operation to the knife attack. For tactical reasons, he could not provide any further information.

It is suspected, however, that the perpetrator had recently lived in Passau. According to the police, the background of the attack at ICE is still unclear. The investigation into the knife attack is being conducted by the police in Regensburg and the public prosecutor’s office in Nuremberg-Fürth.

Special police units were by chance in the vicinity of the

There were about 300 passengers on the ICE train traveling from Regensburg to Hamburg. Fortunately, two platoons of Bavarian special police forces were on their way to a football match in Regensburg and were in the immediate vicinity when the crime was committed.

Passengers evacuated from the train are now being cared for in a hall near Seubersdorf station in the district of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, a spokesman said Saturday afternoon.

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (72, CSU) thanked the police and the train staff. His spokesman Steve Alter tweeted Seehofer’s statement.

Meanwhile, the investigation is ongoing. “Police are working at full speed to clarify the background of this terrible crime and the motives of the perpetrator as soon as possible. The extent to which there are psychological problems should also be investigated in this process,” Hermann said.


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