Are you working in Germany? Check if your salary is sufficient! is a portal that offers free access to up-to-date information on salaries in Germany. The data is collected through direct surveys of employees in various industries (questionnaire) or by working with companies in the field.

In this way, at you can see how much people in each industry earn in Germany, depending on the city or state. Information is also available regarding earnings in specific companies. Below you will find a short instruction manual on how to use the portal.

Here is how to find out if your salary in Germany is sufficient!

At you can find estimated monthly earnings for specific occupations in Germany, for example in care:

Salary in Germany in care professions

You can also find out approximately how much you will earn in your local area (in Germany of course). For this you need to choose between a current job (aktueller Job), a future job (zukünftiger Job), a job other than your current job (anderer / fremder Job) or whether you are a student or a trainee (Schüler / Azubis / Studenten). You then select your age (wie alt sind Sie?), gender (Ihr Geschlecht), education (Ihr höchster Abschluss?), whether you are currently working (Sind Sie berufstätig?), in which profession (Ihr Beruf?), do you have a management position (Personalverantwortung?), the place of work (Ihr Arbeitsort?) and at the end you give the e-mail address (Ihr individuelles Ergebnis wird Ihnen zugeschickt.), to which the free analysis should be sent. Below is a link to a page where you can check your earnings by providing the above information:

Find out how much you will earn in your chosen profession in your locality!

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