Robert Koch Institute chief pushes for new infection protection law

Covidien restrictions in Germany have been largely lifted, and for many German citizens, this is the first summer since the start of the pandemic that is almost free of the constraints of the pandemic reality. But virologists and politicians have continually stressed that the danger is far from over. Not only is the coronavirus still circulating, but the threat of new viruses is increasing, says Robert Koch Institute head Lothar Wieler in an interview with “Bayerischer Rundfunk.”

The culprits are climate change, overpopulation and human encroachment on areas inhabited by different animal species. This allows viruses that were previously very limited or even unknown to spread rapidly. Politicians must therefore urgently address this threat,” appealed the head of the Robert Koch Institute. In his view, a new infection protection law should be drafted as soon as possible for this purpose.

Autumn coronavirus wave: head of the Robert Koch Institute wants a new infection protection law passed quickly

Wieler fears that there will be another wave of coronavirus in the fall, and his opinion is shared by many experts. The federal health minister is also announcing legislation to quickly stop the fall wave of infections if necessary. Karl Lauterbach would like to see the possibility of protecting the public especially indoors by making it mandatory to cover the mouth and nose. The SPD politician said that a new law on protection against infections is already being drafted.

Lauterbach also fears an increase in coronavirus infections after summer

The current law expires on September 23, after which time new pandemic protection options will have to be created. State health ministers have also recently called for preparatory measures for a possible fall wave of infections. “We must not be fooled by the currently decreasing number of infections,” – Petra Grimm-Benne, president of the Conference of Health Ministers and head of the ministry in Saxony-Anhalt, said in mid-May after a video conference with Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

The head of the World Medical Association calls for there to be even the possibility of lockdown if necessary

World Medical Association chief Ulrich Montgomery is also looking ahead to the fall season with concern. He has called for even stricter measures than Lauterbach. Montgomery wants a plan to combat coronavirus to be implemented, which will even include the possibility of new lockdowns. In an interview with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, he said: “Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) must adjust the infection protection law so that when the situation becomes serious, uniform measures can be introduced throughout Germany to stop the spread of the virus.” Coronavirus infections are already on the rise in many parts of the world, Montgomery says, and this is inevitable in Germany as well when temperatures drop again.


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