Merkel announced the decisions of the German government: Mandatory vaccination, lockdown for the unvaccinated!

The federal and state governments have decided today to step up the announcements.  Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated or has not recovered after contracting the Covid 19 virus will not have access to cultural and entertainment facilities throughout Germany in the future, regardless of the number of cases, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Thursday after a summit meeting of the German government.

In addition, more professional groups are to be allowed to administer vaccines. To this end, a legal amendment is to be created for pharmacists and dentists.

Tightening restrictions in Germany

Here are the decisions that have been made:

► In the future, vaccination against coronavirus will be mandatory in institutions, such as for employees of nursing homes and hospitals. The Bundestag is also to decide “immediately” on universal mandatory vaccination. This mandatory vaccination could be applied from February 2022.

► In addition, there will be a 2G rule in retail, with the exception of convenience stores. This would mean that only vaccinated and treated people would have access. “Access must be controlled by stores,” – reads the draft resolution.

► 2G is also to apply to recreational activities. This means, for example, only vaccinated or cured people would be allowed to go to cinemas, theaters and restaurants, regardless of the morbidity in the area. “In addition, a current test result may be required,” – reads the article (2G plus rule).

► In addition, there are to be restrictions on contact with unvaccinated people, whose private meetings are to be restricted: “Private meetings in public or private places involving unvaccinated persons or persons who have recovered are to be limited to one’s own household and a maximum of two persons from another household,” – the document reads. Children under the age of 14 are not included.

► Large parties are to be limited. “Occupancy limits and an absolute upper limit on the number of spectators will be established,” – reads the draft resolution. Where exactly this limit will run is not yet clearly defined: However, for now, an upper limit of up to 5,000 people indoors and up to 10,000 people outdoors is envisioned.

► The draft resolution also stipulates that clubs and bars will likely have to close if the number of illnesses in an area exceeds 350.

When do the new restrictions come into effect?

We invite you to read an article on this topic: New restrictions in Germany: Decisions do not come into effect immediately!


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