Is this the end of summer in Germany? Storms, heavy rain and even hail and tornadoes are coming!

After a short period of warm weather, the first storms, some of them strong, will appear in western Germany in the evening. The Manfred low pressure system is approaching, which will push the summer air out and bring thunderstorms with the possibility of heavy rain, downpours and prolonged heavy rain. Precipitation will be locally up to 100 liters per square meter.

On Sunday morning, the storms will likely reach Emsland, the low mountains and the upper Rhine River. The rest of the region will be dry with temperatures ranging from 17 to 12 degrees Celsius.

Sunday: Manfred will arrive from the west

The low pressure system Manfred will move quickly over Ireland and the British Isles, bringing precipitation and thunderstorms to the western part of Germany Saturday night into Sunday. The first precipitation and thunderstorms are expected in the Eifel area.

Storms will spread across Germany

On Sunday, the precipitation and thunderstorms will continue to spread and will likely reach eastern and southeastern Germany from the south. Widespread storms with heavy rain, hail and precipitation are possible. Local flooding and flooded basements may occur, small streams and rivers may come up from their banks. The risk of severe weather is lowest directly over the Baltic Sea. It will probably even be dry there. Temperatures will drop noticeably and reach only 19 to 23 degrees.

Monday: Heavy rain from Emsland to Brandenburg

On Sunday night into Monday, especially from the Harz Mountains to Brandenburg, there will be thunderstorms and downpours. Streams and rivers can burst their banks and flood streets and basements. Especially in northern Germany and the Alps, heavy rain will fall in places. Over the course of Monday, the precipitation will retreat to the southeast and the overall risk of severe weather will diminish. In the north and west, the new week will start out friendly, with the possibility of 12 hours of sunshine in the north. Temperatures will range from 16 degrees (Erzgebirge) to 22 degrees in the northwest.

From Tuesday: Friendly, but cool

The low will unfortunately do its job and chase away the heat. “From Tuesday onwards, the weather will be generally friendly, but only moderately warm from 15 to 22 degrees,” says RTL meteorologist Martin Pscherer about the further weather forecast.

In addition, it is worth reminding that we will already have a meteorological autumn on September 1. Let’s hope that the hot sun will still grace us with its presence…


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