Germans are again buying to spare: some supermarket shelves are starting to run empty!

The effects of the war in Ukraine are not only visible at petrol stations in Germany, but also in supermarkets. Due to overstocking and bottlenecks in supply some shelves are empty in many places. This is especially true for rapeseed and sunflower oil, which are largely imported from Ukraine.

Because of the war in Ukraine, German supermarkets are starting to run out of certain products

In addition to oil, other foodstuffs are starting to run out: consumers are increasingly reporting that flour and yeast are no longer available in supermarkets.

Because of their fertile soils, Ukraine and Russia are called the “granary of Europe” – according to the Nordbayern newspaper, both countries account for 30 percent of wheat exports. However, since Putin’s aggression against the Ukraine the supply bottlenecks have intensified and prices have risen significantly. According to the magazine “Agrar heute”, wheat prices on the European futures market have risen by 100 euros per ton in just ten days, piercing the psychological level of 400 euros per ton.

Politicians such as Cem Özdemir have stressed in recent days that, thanks to Germany’s own harvest, the food supply is not threatened, but consumers are nevertheless concerned in view of the current situation. These concerns mean that we are currently facing a kind of repeat of the situation in spring 2020.

Increased shopping for stocks

Under the hashtag #Hamsterkäufe, Twitter users are sharing photos of empty store shelves where flour and yeast once piled up. These are starting to become scarce, especially at discount stores where you can get basic groceries cheaply. “I went to Aldi, Lidl, Tegut, Netto today and there was no oil, yeast or flour…. everything sold out,” one user got angry.

Many people criticized the selfish behavior of some shoppers. “Have you ever thought about people who have little money? They can’t buy in stock, and they also can’t afford expensive BIO oil in a 300 ml bottle” – wrote one Twitter user with indignation.

The effects of the war in Ukraine will be strongly felt in the countries of the global South

While Germany can rely on its own crops in the event of a crisis, some countries in the global South are much more dependent on grain imports. The environmental and development organization Germanwatch recently warned that large price increases in these regions could lead to famine and social unrest.


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