German online pharmacies – find out which are the best and what to look out for!

German online pharmacies – compare prices

Online pharmacies have developed a lot recently and have become a big competitor to stationary pharmacies. What is their main advantage? Online pharmacies in Germany very often offer lower prices for medicines that do not require a prescription. According to a study of the German Institute for Service-Quality (Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität), if you want to save some money, you first have to compare the prices of the different online pharmacies.

Online pharmacies in Germany perform very well when it comes to prices, online presence and ordering and payment conditions. However, you should keep in mind that the prices of the individual products can vary significantly: For non-prescription medicines the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest internet pharmacy can be more than 30 percent!

Online is usually the cheapest

In some individual cases, the price differences are even greater. For example Ibuprofen 400 costs from 2.67 to 7.99 Euros. Therefore, it is worth comparing the prices of individual medications at different online pharmacies.

Online pharmacies are not bad when it comes to order and payment conditions. Even new customers can often take advantage of consumer-friendly payment options, as well as special discounts. However, consider that small orders do not pay off, assuming an average standard shipping cost of 3.95 euros. Free shipping is usually only offered by online pharmacies for order values of 30 euros or more (more on this in the overview below).

Online presence a plus

The online stores of German pharmacies are very informative. General health advice, directions for filling prescriptions, or package inserts are pretty much standard already. In addition, the ordering process is encrypted at all providers to protect personal data. The differences in online pharmacies can be seen primarily in issues related to ease of use, as well as additional conveniences such as searching for generic drugs, i.e. cheaper equivalents with the same ingredient.

The best internet pharmacies in Germany

Especially for you we prepared a list of German online pharmacies, which in our opinion are the best.

  • – over 3 million customers, free shipping from 20 euro, 5 euro for signing up to the newsletter, competitive prices.
  • – free shipping on orders of 29 euros, numerous promotions and good supplies.
  • – over 100,000 items and free shipping from 19 euros, 10% discount for new customers.
  • – gifts for orders over a certain amount, free shipping from 29 euros, free samples and bonus points.
  • – probably the cheapest online pharmacy in Germany, free shipping from €19, 5€ discount for signing up for the newsletter.
  • – 5€ discount for signing up for newsletter and free shipping from 18 euro, discounts.
  • – 5€ discount for signing up for the newsletter, possibility to pick up your order in dm store chain.
  • – free shipping from €20, over 250,000 products.
  • – valuable freebies added to your order, free shipping on orders over €20.

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