9 German dating sites you don’t know yet… But it’s worth it!

Living abroad is not always fun. It’s true that salaries in Germany are usually higher than in many other countries, and therefore people living here can mostly boast of a higher standard of living, but it also has its downsides. In the case of those who have gone abroad with their families, they usually have their backs and in moments of doubt they can count on words of encouragement or some kind of help.

Loneliness in Germany

The situation is worse for people who are alone in a foreign country, especially if they have not yet made friends. Being alone in Germany can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially since Germans are not the most open nation. Sometimes it’s a lack of knowledge of the German language, sometimes it’s shyness, sometimes it’s a grueling full-time job with little free time.

German dating sites – something for everyone

Fortunately, in today’s internet age, it’s much easier to make new friends. Apart from Facebook, there are many dating sites on the internet where you can meet new people. As far as German dating sites are concerned, apart from those known from TV commercials, such as the (very expensive) FriendScout24, there are several other less popular but also worth attention sites. Below we will try to introduce you to these portals.

Parship – the only personality test of its kind!

Parship.de has been part of the ProSiebenSat1 Media SE group since 2016. More than 1.8 million new users register on Parship every year. Parship is primarily famous for its personality test, based on which members receive scientifically sound suggestions. About 80 questions shed light on various aspects of a person’s personality, so that many aspects can be taken into consideration when choosing suitable partners. What would have to be laboriously asked and experienced in practice is replaced here by an algorithm – the success rates speak for themselves.

Parship offers a free trial account and premium accounts that cost:

6 months for €449,40 (€74,90 per month)
12 months for 790,80 € (65,90 € per month)
24 months for 1,101.60 € (45.90 € per month)

eDarling – new profiles are hand controlled

eDarling DE is one of the most popular German dating portals. New profiles are accepted by hand, making the risk of fake profiles virtually zero. The platform prides itself on administering a personality test that is backed by scientific research, thus making it easier to find a partner who fits you best. If you opt for an annual membership, you will pay 37.90 euros per month. The portal can be tested for free. In Germany alone the portal has about 650.000 active users (weekly).

SingleTreffen – more than 500 singles, since 1998 on the market!

Singletreffen.de shows user profiles similar to the popular Instagram platform. The “Speed-Dating” feature is a big attraction of this German dating site, as it allows you to meet a new person in a relatively fast way.

At Singletreffen.de, women can use the portal completely free of charge. This keeps the ratio of women to men balanced. If male users opt for a premium account, they can enjoy the same benefits at Singletreffen.de as women.

Here’s how the prices work out, depending on the duration of the package:

1 month 39,90 € / month
3 months € 29,90 / month
6 months 24,90 € / month

DatingCafe.de – one of the oldest German dating portals

DatingCafe is one of the oldest dating sites in Germany, since it was founded in 1999! This portal is considered to be one of the most trustworthy in Germany. It is characterized by free registration, quizzes to get to know other users and virtual greetings, which can also be sent for free. The downside of DatingCafe is that you have to buy a paid membership to be able to send messages. This costs 18.90 Euro for a 6 month membership. DatingCafe has approximately 1.500.000 users.

Currently you can test the portal for a month for free by registering via the following link: Dating Cafe Jetzt 1 Monat kostenlos testen!

LovePoint.de – for different target groups

LovePoint.de is a dating portal targeted at two different target groups. You can register there in search of either love adventure or partner. Depending on what type of account you choose, you will be proposed to new contacts. Of course, it is possible to choose both options, but membership is then more expensive. Also with this dating site women do not have to pay for anything. Men on the other hand have to decide for paid membership at registration. LovePoint.de guarantees that if no contact is proposed during membership, you can get your money back. Besides, membership is not automatically renewed, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to cancel it and paying for the next membership period. There are approximately 500.000 registered users on LovePoint.de.

Bildkontakte.de – German dating portal with free contact option!

Another German dating portal which we would like to draw your attention to is Bildkontakte.de. Participation in this German dating portal requires having a photo in your profile. Only then you can establish contact with other users. This portal wins in many ranking lists due to its transparency and number of features, as well as the fact that writing messages to other users is free. In the case of many other German dating portals you have to pay for this unfortunately. Only for additional functions such as “Recent visitor” or “Show pictures from user’s gallery” you have to buy a premium account. But also in this aspect Bildkontakte wins over the competition: A premium membership costs for example 14,90 Euro per month with a membership period of 6 months. Besides after the registration users get an offer of buying a premium account for 4,90 Euro per month, which is however limited in time (it is worth to use it if you consider Premium Membership). Bildkontakte has currently around 3.000.000 active users.

Lovescout24 – the biggest dating portal in Germany

Lovescout24.de is one of the biggest German dating portals which, thanks to its mobile app, makes it much easier to flirt and have fun while on the go. The portal has more than 24 million registered users. More than 10,000 new users join the site daily, so your luck of finding the right person increases! This portal offers a similar feature to Tinder, which is Boost-Funktion. This feature gives you the opportunity to be one of the most popular profiles in your area for a set amount of time, such as 30 minutes. By using Boost, you will get up to 10 times more profile views, which increases your chances of making couples. The site is for people over the age of 18.

Registration is done through your email address, then you need to enter your username, place of residence and date of birth. After that you can use Lovescout24.de. In the free version there are advertisements and you can only exchange messages with selected users. If you want to avoid ads and you want to be able to chat with all users, just upgrade to premium version. The cost is 19,90 € per month when you buy premium option for 6 months.

C-Date – German dating portal for adults

C-Date.de is a German dating portal aimed at people looking for sexual partners in the first place. The free registration gives you the opportunity to express your wishes and ideas with just a few clicks. The more effort you put into filling out the form, the more likely you are to be offered contacts suited to your interests.

However, this portal is not the cheapest. 3 months cost 39,90 € per month. This corresponds to a price of 1,33 € per day. This is the most expensive subscription option.

If you opt for 6 months, you will pay 29,90 € for one month. This corresponds to 1 € per day. This is the most frequently chosen subscription period.

If you subscribe for a year, the membership costs 19,90 € per month which corresponds to 0,66 € per day.

FirstAffair – something for adventure seekers

Although the website of FirstAffair.com does not correspond to current trends, the portal scores among other things with its verification process, which is largely intended to prevent the creation of false accounts.

With a free membership, men and couples can take advantage of virtually all features once they register. The exception is the contact feature. Women have the option to upgrade their membership to a premium level after completing the profile verification process – so it costs them nothing!

In addition to the small additional features, premium membership primarily offers unlimited communication with other First Affair members. This means that messages can be read and replied to without restrictions. You can also use chat and video chat. Telephone conferencing is also possible. To guarantee anonymity, members are given their own unique phone number.

As we mentioned above, women get premium membership completely free. Men can choose from the following options:

12 months duration: 8.33 euros/month
6 months duration: 13.33 euros/month
3 months duration: 16.66 euros/month
1 month duration: 39.99 euros/month

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