German Chancellor Scholz in a speech to the nation: “Putin will not win”

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, German Chancellor Scholz made his determination clear in a speech to the nation. He said that “invasion of a sovereign country” would not be tolerated. At the same time, Scholz announced harsh sanctions.

German Chancellor’s Speech to the Nation

In a speech to the nation, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) commented on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In his speech, Scholz stated that we are dealing with the beginning of a war that has not been seen in over 75 years. It was an “invasion of an independent, sovereign country that could not be justified by anything or anyone.” At the same time, he assured Ukraine of Germany’s full solidarity.

“Just two hours away by plane from Berlin, families are currently staying in air raid shelters. Women, men and children fear for their lives.”

Scholz: “There is no going back to history”

This war, Scholz argues, is not the war of the Russian people – “this war is Putin’s war.” Three times Scholz emphasizes that there is “no return” in history: neither to the 19th century, “when great powers decided the fate of smaller states,” nor to the Cold War, “when superpowers divided the world among themselves,” nor to 1989, when people fought for democracy.

Violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty will not be tolerated. And: it is about “ensuring that this conflict does not spread to other countries in Europe.”

More EU sanctions against Russia

In addition to abandoning construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Scholz announced further sanctions that would “hit the Russian economy hard.” The Russian president should not underestimate NATO’s resolve. Germany and its allies know how to defend themselves. This “clearly applies to our NATO partners in the Baltic states, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia – without any buts,” the chancellor said.

According to Scholz, there were hopes in recent days, but one should not have been naive. One should have been prepared. “Putin will not win. The peoples of Europe want a future in peace and freedom.”

Macron: “A turning point in history” – Johnson: “We will not look away”

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also addressed their countrymen. Macron spoke of a “turning point in European history” and assured Ukraine of the solidarity of the French people.

Boris Johnson stated that the world cannot allow Ukraine’s freedom to be extinguished. “We cannot and will not look the other way,” he said. Later, the government spokesman announced more sanctions – “the largest and heaviest economic sanctions package Russia has ever faced.”


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