For 9 euros through Germany – now you know from when it will be possible!

Consumers in Germany will be able to buy a so-called monthly ticket for 9 euros with Deutsche Bahn from May 23. Provided that the Bundestag and Bundesrat approve the project. The ticket will be available through the DB Navigator app and all other digital rail channels, the company said Sunday. “It will also be available at around 5,500 Deutsche Bahn ticket machines and at more than 400 DB travel service centers at railroad stations,” – it wrote.

Ticket available online and at ticket counters

With the monthly ticket, passengers will be able to travel around Germany on local public transport for nine euros – in all cities and across all borders of the rail network. Tickets can also be bought online or at ticket offices of other transport companies. Many transport associations have already announced that they will start selling tickets on May 23.

In June, July and August, tickets are expected to allow travel on local and regional transport

In June, July and August, the special tickets will allow riders to travel on local as well as regional transport throughout Germany – for €9 a month each, much cheaper than normal monthly tickets. This is part of the aid package with which the SPD, Green and FDP coalition is responding to high energy prices. At the same time, it is meant to be a trial offer to attract more customers to buses and trains. The parliament and Bundesrat must vote on the plan in the coming week.

The 9-euro ticket is “a unique opportunity to get more people interested in public transport and climate-friendly railroads in the long term,” – Jörg Sandvoß, director of the responsible railroad company DB Regio, said.

Three-month tickets available from the first day of sale

According to the railroad, the €9 ticket will always be valid from the first to the last day of a given month. So if you only buy it in the middle of the month, you will only be able to use it for the remaining half of the month. However, tickets for all three months will be available for purchase simultaneously from the start of sales on May 23. The federal government is funding the project by giving the states 2.5 billion euros to compensate for the loss of revenue.


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