Extra cafeteria seats: Bayer wants to separate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated

While the president of the German Medical Association Reinhardt talks about the 2G rule in German restaurants, some companies are already implementing it: In the canteens and cafeterias of Bayer, Eon or Alltours, vaccinated and unvaccinated people will in future have to eat in separate rooms.

Bayer is not the only company that intends to divide employees into vaccinated and unvaccinated

Bayer, Eon and Alltours want to offer vaccinated and recovering employees their own canteens or cafeterias. The Düsseldorf daily “Rheinische Post” reports on this. In these special areas, employees would be able to sit together in a completely informal manner, while those who do not undergo vaccinations or do not report their vaccination status would still have to observe distance rules, wear masks and count partitions during meals.

Bayer talks about several pilot projects that are currently being launched for cafeterias exclusively for vaccinated and treated individuals. As with other companies, it stresses that unvaccinated people will still have access to the canteens. Everything will be planned “in close cooperation” with works councils, Bayer said.

Companies are betting on remote working

A survey of twelve leading companies in North Rhine-Westphalia shows that these companies continue to rely on remote working in their anti-coronavirus strategy, the newspaper reports. In addition to Alltours, Bayer, Eon and Ergo, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Henkel, LEG Wohnen, L’Oreal Deutschland, RWE, ThyssenKrupp and Vodafone also participated. Even after the pandemic ends, the companies want to continue offering home offices.

Bayer: Vaccinated employees form voluntary work groups

Bayer said that employees will form work groups without unvaccinated people on their own initiative: “Self-organized groups (e.g., in multi-person or open-plan offices, in laboratories or in subordinate production areas) can work together without distances or masks in the voluntary application of the 2G (vaccinated or cured) principle,” the newspaper summarized the company’s statement.

Reinhardt calls for 2G principle

Ahead of a German medical congress, Klaus Reinhardt, president of the medical association, called on all states to introduce the 2G rule – freedom for vaccinated and recovered only – as an option for the hotel, sports and events industry. Reinhardt called this an added incentive to vaccinate and complained that medical personnel are at their limit. While the number of new infections is again soaring, no one wants to have to cancel scheduled surgeries again.

source: www.n-tv.de

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