Electricity providers in Germany – This is how to find the cheapest company!

Compare offers from German electricity providers

Below you can compare offers from German electricity suppliers. Before making a comparison, it is worth knowing that contracts with electricity suppliers concluded over the internet are generally cheaper than those concluded in an office. This is due to the fact that there are no staff costs and possible bonuses. Furthermore, you should know that contracts concluded on the Internet can be terminated within 14 days after the conclusion of the contract without giving reasons or incurring any financial consequences (German law: § 312 ff., 355 BGB). This law is intended to protect consumers from unreliable companies and to minimize their risks.

Instructions to the form – this is how you can find the cheapest electricity in Germany!

In order to display the offers of electricity suppliers for your address, please fill in the form below. You start by filling in the postal code (Postleitzahl) of the town where you live. Then enter your estimated electricity consumption (Verbrauch) – if your consumption is too high you will get a refund, so don’t worry. Next, you need to specify if you want to use only green electricity (then “Yes” next to “Nur Ökostrom“), if you will use it privately (Nutzung: Privat) or in your company (Nutzung: Gewerblich), whether the offer prices should include bonuses or not (many companies offer bonuses in the first year if you decide to take their offer). In addition, in the optional settings, you can specify: the duration of the contract (Laufzeit); the type of price guarantee (Art der Preisgarantie); kWh-Pakete – in this case you buy a certain amount of energy; the period of notice (Kündigungsfrist); the duration of the price guarantee (Dauer der Preisgarantie) and the percentage of good reviews of the offer (Weiterempfehlungsquote). Once you have completed the form, the offers that meet your requirements will be displayed. If you decide on a new supplier, please fill in the online application form with your details. All discounts will be calculated automatically. After submitting the form you will receive a confirmation email.

How to register your electricity in Germany

It doesn’t take much energy to register electricity in Germany or to change electricity supplier. The whole process is limited to a few steps that can be done in 10-15 minutes in total:

  • Check your electricity consumption and meter number.
  • Use our search engine for current electricity tariffs in Germany.
  • Choose a new supplier and fill in the online application form.
  • Wait for a message from your new supplier, who will take care of all the formalities for you.

Stromwechsel – changing electricity supplier in Germany

If you live in Germany and want to change your electricity supplier, electricity tariffs with the longest possible price guarantee are recommended because they protect against price increases. You should also pay attention to the duration of the contract and the notice period. In this case the shorter the better, so you can react to new offers on the market. Also pay attention to the payment methods: there are offers with the option of monthly payments as well as with payment in advance. The latter are the most advantageous because the providers do not have to add expensive banking services such as collection or take on the risk of non-payment. Payment in advance is not surprising in some industries (e.g. in mobile telephony or insurance). However, there is a risk that if the electricity supplier goes bankrupt, you will lose the money you have already paid.

Changing your contract: you should have this information ready

If you find a new offer that suits you, you can fill out and send the contract for changing electricity supplier directly online. Alternatively, you can download the documents free of charge and without obligation as PDF files or have them sent to your home address. To change electricity supplier you will need the following information in addition to your personal data:

  • preferred time of delivery
  • Meter number (Zählernummer)
  • Name of your current supplier
  • Customer number
  • Meter status (only at the time of the actual change of supplier)

If any information is missing on the application form, you will be contacted by an employee of the electricity supplier of your choice by telephone or e-mail to complete the data or, if necessary, to correct the information. It is therefore important that you provide your telephone number and e-mail address on the application form. This service is of course free of charge. The new electricity supplier will take care of all the formalities related to the change. Important: As we mentioned above, if you would like to withdraw from the contract after it has been signed, you have the possibility to exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 days after it has been signed. This only exists if you conclude the contract online! Once a year you will receive an invoice, after which you will be reimbursed for any overpayment, or you will be informed of any over-consumption of electricity. In the latter case, the energy supplier can ask for an increase in the monthly payment.

Ending the contract yourself – yes or no?

When changing electricity suppliers, it is usually the new supplier that should take care of terminating the contract with the current supplier. Especially if you have a basic tariff with your electricity supplier, we advise you not to terminate the contract on your own. Simply fill in the contract for the new supplier and send it back to the address given. The new electricity supplier will terminate the contract with your current supplier as soon as possible and take over the supply of electricity. However, the new supplier needs some time to give the notice to terminate the contract with your current supplier, in most cases about 4 weeks. Therefore, with very short notice periods, you should take action yourself.

You should take care of the termination yourself if your current supplier, due to a price increase, gives you a very short period of time for a so-called special termination. Please note that suppliers often only give consumers 14 days’ notice. If you have a long-term contract or the notice period will expire in a few weeks, then you should give your notice yourself. Then you can be sure that your contract will not be renewed for another year or more. To ensure a smooth change of electricity supplier, you should make it clear in your contract with the new supplier that you have already given notice of termination to the previous supplier yourself. Termination of the electricity supply contract must be done in writing.

Electricity prices in Germany

The average price of electricity for households in Germany has increased since the turn of the millennium from 13.94 cents to 29.16 cents per kilowatt-hour. This corresponds to a total increase of 109% and 6% per year. Included in these 29.16 cents are the costs of power generation, transportation, and all taxes and other charges. The following table shows the development of electricity costs in Germany over the last 10 years:

YearPrice per cent/kWhTaxes and other chargesNetwork maintenance costsEnergy generation costs
201729.1655 %26 %19 %
201628.6954 %24 %22 %
201528.6852 %23 %25 %
201429.1452 %23 %25 %
201328.8450 %23 %27 %
201225.8945 %24 %31 %
201125.2345 %23 %32 %
201023.6941 %25 %34 %
200923.2138 %25 %37 %
200821.6539 %27 %34 %

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