Aldi prepaid offers more internet for the same price!

ALDI Talk has decided to meet the demands of its customers and tweak its current prepaid offer. Currently, almost every prepaid offer includes more internet at no extra cost. In addition to this, the cheapest package already includes unlimited calls and texts!

AldiTalk packages for calls including internet

The packages that combine free minutes, texts and internet are called “Kombi-Pakete” in ALDI Talk and you can find them on the ALDI Talk homepage under the following link:

Kombi Pakete Uebersicht

The operator has decided to meet the demands of its customers and tweak the current prepaid offer. Currently, every AldiTalk prepaid offer includes more internet and unlimited calls and texts.

For example, the package S for € 7.99 (for 28 days), instead of the previous 1.5 GB now includes 3 GB LTE. This package also includes unlimited calls and texts (German networks).

In the case of packet M for 12.99 Euros (28 days), instead of 3 GB we now have 6 GB LTE and unlimited calls and texts (German networks).

The package L for € 19.99 (for 28 days) instead of the previous 5 GB of internet there is now 12 GB LTE. This package also includes unlimited calls and texts.

Internet packages at Aldi Talk

As for the Internet packages, three of them have been upgraded with additional megabytes.

For 3.99 Euros we get 1 GB LTE in pack S, instead of the previous 500 MB. The M pack for 6.99 Euros now contains 3 GB LTE instead of 1 GB. In the L package for 9.99 euros, we now have 5 GB LTE to use, instead of the previous 4.5 GB. The XL option for 14.99 euros now includes 10 GB LTE.

Details of the individual packages can be found at the link below:

Internet Flatrates Uebersicht

How do I buy an AldiTalk starter?

To purchase AldiTalk starter go to the following page:

Kombi Pakete Uebersicht

Click on “Tarifdetails” and then on “Prepaid Starter-Set”:

To order the starter, please continue by clicking on “Starter-Set für 9,99€ kaufen”:

To complete your purchase, click on “Zum Warenkorb” and then on “Zur Kasse” to finalize your order. Here you will have to enter your personal and address data and select the payment method (PayPal or credit card).

As part of the starter, you will have 10 euros available after activation. We recommend that you install the AldiTalk application, which makes it easier to manage your account and check its current status. In addition, after activating the card you can buy one of the packages described above. All packages can be purchased via the app, your account on or via the hotline: 1155.

If you have any questions, write in the comments.

Additional information about Aldi Talk

Aldi Talk uses the Telefónica Deutschland network. The Aldi Talk starter costs €9.99 at one time and includes €10 to use. As Aldi Talk is a prepaid offer, it does not include any subscription fees. In case you opt for one of the packages, its validity is automatically extended for another 4 weeks, if there are sufficient funds in your account or you have not previously canceled it.

Alternatives to AldiTalk?

On our website, you will find a comparison of German mobile networks (prepaid and postpaid offers): Mobile networks in Germany. You can also visit, where you can often find attractive prepaid and postpaid offers (especially if you want a new phone).

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