After 19 months there is a chance to lift the state of emergency in Germany

Millions of Germans have been waiting for this day. As BILD reports, on Monday afternoon, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (41, CDU) told a conference of federal states’ health ministers that the state of emergency, which has been the basis for the restrictions imposed for many months, is scheduled to be revoked as the pandemic situation improves.

The state of emergency in Germany has already lasted almost 19 months

Germany has been waiting since March 2020 – when the Bundestag first declared a state of epidemic emergency. Now all indications are that if the Bundestag approves the announced changes, the state of emergency will expire at the end of November. After Spahn’s announcement on Monday, it is unlikely that the German parliament will once again decide to extend it.

According to reports from participants at Monday’s conference, Spahn told the ministers of Germany’s various federal states that the Robert Koch Institute currently classifies the risk to vaccinated people as moderate. Given the percentage of vaccinated people in Germany, a revocation of the state of emergency could occur Nov. 25.

A return to normalcy possible next spring

At the same time, Spahn noted that the 3G rule will still be necessary indoors, as well as keeping your distance, observing hygiene rules and covering your mouth and nose.

Spahn added: “We are therefore moving from a state of emergency to a state of extreme caution. From today’s perspective, a return to normality will not be possible until next spring.”


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