200 million euros – that’s how much Europe pays Putin for gas every day!

Vladimir Putin (69) is waging war in Ukraine – and Europe is helping to finance it! For despite the sanctions, Moscow continues to make money on gas supplies. According to the Brussels-based Bruegel Advisory Board, in February alone, Russia charged an average of more than 200 million euros for gas deliveries to Europe – every day! That’s more than €5.6 billion per month.

With prices soaring due to Putin’s war, Europe would likely have to transfer more than €600 million a day to Moscow starting in April. Over 18 billion euros a month! Money that Putin uses to fund his war!

Experts call for giving up Russian gas

That’s why experts are calling for giving up Russian gas. “It would be a challenge, but not a disaster, to stop the supply of Russian gas next week,” economist Veronika Grimm (50) told BILD in an interview.

Gas storage facilities are currently almost 30 percent full, she said. “This is enough for the coming months. But for next winter we would have to take precautions that could be arranged now. Germany and Europe will have to source gas on the world market and will probably have to rely on the cooperation of other countries because production volumes are largely tied to long-term contracts. In electricity generation, coal-fired power plants could replace gas-fired plants, thus saving gas. In the medium term, the development of solar and wind power will be important.”

Advisor to German Economy Minister sees no problems

Prof. Jens Südekum (46), advisor to Economy Minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens), also does not see any problems in the short term due to the suspension of supplies!

“If Putin suddenly turns off the gas tap, it won’t be a problem in the short term because winter will soon be over and we still have reserves,” – he said in an interview with BILD. “The difficulties will only arise next winter. To make up the difference, one would have to use all the options. One should save energy and buy gas from other countries. The development of renewable energy would also have to be drastically accelerated.

Prolonging the operation of nuclear power plants in Germany as a way out?

Prof. Clemens Fuest (53, Ifo Institute) also recommends extending the operating time of German nuclear power plants. This should be in place at least until “the dependence on Russian natural gas is overcome, i.e. probably for several years,” – Fuest told the NOZ.

Of course, an interruption in gas supply would not be entirely cheap. It would cost at least 60 billion euros more to fill European storage facilities for next winter WITHOUT Russian gas, Bruegel experts believe.

source: Bild, insidegermany.ro

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